Policy research

We undertake business and policy research on behalf of clients leading to...

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Innovation Development

We work with clients in pursuit of local innovations that improve...

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Bussiness Development

We support our clients in the public sector, not for profit and for-profit...

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We support our clients through our sectors to achieve their sustainable development targets.


We support our clients in value chain improvements in production, storage, processing, market development, technology and innovative solutions, Ageicultural research, ICT among others.

Digital Solutions

We partner with developers to create solutions for SMEs, public sector and NGOs including hardware and applications, use of IoT, blockchain technologies, digital finance/fintech, AI, platforms, etc.


We work with renewable energy, energy efficiency, ICT adoption and development, organisational and systems development, policy and market research and development, capacity development,

Waste Management

We work towards improving waste handling through waste to energy solutions, e-waste disposal among others. We share a responsibility with our customers for protecting the environment.

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Our Contacts

We work closely with local stakeholders (government, agencies, NGOs and SMEs) in developing countries to improve their capacity and attract additional local and international funding.

Address: Plot 7 Valley drive, Ntinda, (U)

Phone: +256 758 032493

E-mail: info@secondstreamgroup.com